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Equipment & Other Services

Fire Extinguishers         

Fire extinguishers are vital in stopping fires early and preventing them growing in to something that could engulf your building within a matter of minutes.   But how do you know how many and what type extinguisher you need?

In our experience most companies have been oversold firefighting equipment by companies who send commission based salesmen to advise you.  Our Fire Risk Assessments include a full survey of your current equipment and clear advice on exactly what you need and what you don’t.  The cost of our assessment can often be saved in correcting the number of fire extinguishers alone.

Following the assessment Newman Safety Services will supply any firefighting equipment required on your premises.  With over 20 years experience, our relationships with the UK’s leading suppliers results in results in an ability to source equipment at the best possible price.  We can also install all firefighting equipment and arrange an annual service contract to ensure it is correctly maintained.

Alternatively we are happy to advise on reputable suppliers in order for you to purchase equipment direct.

For further information on extinguishers refer to British Standard 5306 part 8


Fixed Fire fighting equipment

Risk factors associated with certain properties may mean that they also require fixed fire fighting systems such as sprinklers.   These systems can also help compensate in problem buildings.  We advise clients on fixed equipment requirements and where necessary will liaise with reputable equipment suppliers.



Your employees play a very important role in all aspects of the safety of your premises.   The difference between good intentions and disastrous mistakes however can be very small. We will plan and deliver the training your employees need to protect your property and business, ensuring that it is appropriate to your specific risks.

The training courses listed below are designed to meet the requirements of the appropriate guidance.   We will tailor each course to your specific workplace, making it more interesting, relevant and effective for you and your staff.

  • Basic fire safety employee induction (1 hour).
  • Fire safety awareness (2 hours).
  • Fire warden/ marshal (2 hours after fire safety awareness or 3 1/2 hours combined course).
  • Fire extinguishers (1 hour practical demonstration and use, can be added to above courses).
  • First aid.
  • Manual handling.
  • Fire evacuation chair/ sheet (relevant to hospital and care home staff and any buildings fitted with mobility aids).
  • Construction site fire safety induction and refreshers.
  • Employee’s responsibilities with regard to Fire and Health & Safety in the workplace.


Emergency Plans

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order states that the Fire Risk Assessment must include a site-specific emergency plan.

Newman Safety Services will produce a plan detailing the most effective way to respond to an emergency in your building. This will reduce the risk to the occupants and ensure appropriate action is taken to help minimise disruption to your business. Detailed emergency action instructions for responsible staff, specific to your premises, can also be produced helping with effective staff training and ensuring safe evacuation.

Special arrangements must also be made to allow disabled persons to use your building our plans will ensure you comply with disability regulations.  We will produce Personal emergency evacuation Plans or PEEPs as they are commonly called for disabled employees.


Local authority consultations

Newman Safety Services are experienced in negotiating with the fire service, building control, councils and licensing authorities. We will help you meet the requirements of the following (including plan drawings):

  • Licensed premises.
  • HMOs (Houses in Multi-Occupation).
  • Building regulations.


We can also act as an advisor or expert witness if you have received an Improvement or Enforcement notice from an enforcing authority.



Active and passive fire precautions such as fire detection and fire doors can be expensive to fit retrospectively.   It is generally far more cost effective to include fire precautions at the design and building stages. We will advise on a building’s fire safety requirements before it is occupied, saving money on future modifications.  We have experience in advising a range of property professionals including architects, surveyors, builders, project managers and facilities managers in fire safety requirements and solutions.


Enforcement Action by Authorities

If you have received an Alterations (Improvement), Enforcement or Prohibition Notice our advice is do not:

1.         Ignore it.

2.         Panic.

3.         Assume you must do everything the Enforcing Officer says.

4.         Get quotes from contractors based on details in the Notice.

5.         Challenge the Enforcing Officer without seeking advice.

6.         Continue to use a building after a Prohibition Notice has been issued


You must however act quickly as most Notices only give you 28 days.

Contact Newman Safety Services for confidential advice, as soon as possible, and we will advise you of your options and the most appropriate course of action.

The following link gives you advice on what your options are

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